Curriculum of Auliya School

The best and relevant curriculum through innovative 5 learning programs that foster deep knowledge, conceptual understanding, and critical-creative thinking skills. The curriculum is taught based on SAL (Student Active Learning) and oriented towards HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills), integrated with Islamic values and digital technology 

Learning System Design 6.0

Auliya School implements the best and most relevant learning system to meet the challenges of future generations, characterized by a globally interconnected, digital, and complex world.


The Profile of Pancasila-Auliya Students

The Learning System Design 6.0 is implemented so that all students studying at Auliya School are expected to achieve competencies according to the Pancasila Student Profile – Auliya (PPA), as hopes and dreams for the entire Auliya School community.

Kurikulum Merdeka

To achieve the 8 (eight) Pancasila-Auliya Student Profile, Auliya School implements 3 (three) integrated curricula simultaneously: the National Curriculum, the Auliya Special Curriculum known as the IKLaS Curriculum, and the curriculum from Cambridge University Press as an Educational Partner.

logo sekolah penggerak

Sekolah Penggerak

A Driving School is a model school for the implementation of the Independent Curriculum. By being a model for the implementation of the Independent Curriculum, other schools can emulate the operational implementation that has been applied in the Driving School.

IKLaS Curriculum

(Islamic, Character of Success, Literacy of Global Era 5.0, 21st Century Skills) 


To achieve the overall 8 (eight) Pancasila-Auliya Student Profiles, Auliya School integrates the Merdeka Curriculum, the special Auliya Curriculum known as the IKLaS Curriculum, and the curriculum from Cambridge University Press as an Educational Partner. 

Learning Programs

The Learning Programs at Auliya School are teaching and learning activities to implement the two aforementioned curricula.

There are 5 (five) Learning Programs consisting of two parts: 1 (one) learning program to implement the Merdeka Curriculum and 4 (four) learning programs to implement the IKLaS Curriculum. Specifically, for the English Literacy Proficiency program, the curriculum from Cambridge University Press is used as the Educational Partner. 

The division of these learning programs is shown in the matrix below.

The types and implementation of learning programs vary in each unit of Auliya School. However, generally, the 5 (five) learning programs can be explained as follows:

  1. Merdeka Program: This program aims to fulfill the achievements and learning objectives of all subjects in each phase. It focuses on developing reasoning skills in literacy and numeracy, which involves analyzing information and solving problems logically. 

Various subjects in the Independent Learning Program include:

  • Indonesian Language
  • Mathematics
  • Pancasila Education
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Physical Education, Sports, and Health

Support Learning Program

  • Support Learning Program (Produ-Program Pendukung) is a combination of intracurricular and co-curricular activities designed to support the achievement of competencies in the 5 learning programs (Proka, Protap, Protam, Prokap, and Proja) for each student.
  • The development of Produ considers learning objectives assessed as part of subjects or programs.
  • The implementation of Support Programs involves students and parents.

Teacher Dedication

As an Islamic and modern educational institution, Integrated Islamic School AULIYA holds cultural values applied by all AULIYA members, namely AULIYA Dedication Culture (ADC):

  1. Proud to Be Muslim
    Making Islam the foundation of values, the foundation of all educational concepts, and the goal of its educational outcomes by emulating the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  2. Eager to Grow
    Having a mindset to continuously grow, learn, and step out of the comfort zone.
  3. Develop Your Positive Attitudes
    Cultivating positive attitudes to form a good perception in the wider community.
  4. Creative and Collaborative
    Mastering critical thinking, communicative, creative, and collaborative skills.
  5. Perform Your Best
    Demonstrating the best performance, including aspects of competence, achievement, and legacy.

Parent Collaboration


Collaboration between parents and the school is the key to the success of education. Auliya School consistently collaborates with parents to actively contribute ideas for educational advancement at Auliya.

Parents can synergize as learning resources to provide motivation and inspiration to students.

Some activities involving parental collaboration include:

  • Auliya Collaboration Day,
  • Auliya Sharing Session,
  • Principal Program, and others.

The collaborative platform between Auliya School and parents is also fostered through ISTIYA (Integrated Islamic School Auliya Parent Association) and Majelis Ta’lim.